SMEasy – Small Business Management


SMEasy is an online easy-to-use Accounting and Business Management product that has been specifically developed for the SME market. SMEasy is totally different to any other Accounting System It is developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs so it understands your realities and it speaks … [Read more...]



Joblinx is a unique candidate management and job linkage portal. Joblinx was expressly developed to assist unemployed youth and other entry level, unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled work seekers. Joblinx gives employers (individuals, small businesses and large companies) affordable access … [Read more...]



Social media is one of the best ways to market your business and build your brand online. It provides your business with a massive audience. Best of all it’s free! Are you taking advantage of it? If you are busy and need a quick and convenient way to update all your social media accounts … [Read more...]

Recordkeeping Made Easy


Are you struggling with your business recordkeeping? Do you have piles of slips that you don’t know what to do with? Do you find the language and terms your accountant uses confusing? If so then Recordkeeping Made Easy is for you! Recordkeeping Made Easy is a step-by-step training programme … [Read more...]