Civil Society Systems

Systems related to civil society organisations such as hospices, ¬†children’s¬†homes, refugee centre, churches and various other initiatives.

  • Refugee Centre Management System
    The Refugee Centre Management tool is currently a MS-Access database that captures information on clients (individual or families), listing their skills, requests, benefits received and other aspects. The database prints out the UNHCR Beneficiary card and a number of other reports. A conversion to a web-based application is being considered for linkage between refugee centre and the UNHCR.
  • Donor Funding Database
    A MS-Access tool that records funders, potential funders, follow-ups, fund-raising events, monies / items received etc. It prints out Tax invoices, thank you letters, event schedules, attendees, donor management and other reports.
  • Condom Distribution System
    A web-based application to manage the national condom distribution in corporate companies via the Department of Health. Includes built in sms and email functionality to users for replenishment management.
  • HIV Programme Management NGO Prevention Programme in Government Schools
    Records details of the children in the programme (including attendance registers, youth worker interaction, ongoing dialogue etc) as well as their parent profiles & the family socio-economic context (including government grants, living conditions etc).