Employment, Education and Training Systems

Employment Systems:

Skills matching and employment linkage system

  • Opportunities Database
    The Opportunities Database is a web-based application (ASP and Sql Server 2005) developed for eThekwini municipality Area Based Management Programme. The system captures information on Candidates; Small Business Candidates; and Recruiters.
    It produces CVs for candidates (and SMME profiles) from the fields captured these CV and business profiles can be printed or emailed to prospective recruiters.

Education and Training:

Systems related to student administration and training administration etc

  • Student Administration System:Student Portal
    A web-based system to track and monitor the capture of student data related to admission, registration and performance tracking and other log-able events like submissions, staff/lecturer to student interaction, and much more.
  • Training Administration Database
    Customised MS-Access database that registers students, courses, assigning students to courses, modules, days and so on. The reporting compliments the required outcomes.

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