TDH is a software development company that develops customised electronic systems for non-profit organisations. The non-profit sector in South Africa employs more people than the mining sector – it is a large untapped market that needs to be professionally serviced. TDH is internationally recognised for its innovative business model of linking these civil society organisations with the commercial world of software solutions excellence.

TDH also develops software systems for the flourishing small to medium enterprise business sector and has a competitively-priced range of products for this niche market. TDH specializes in Microsoft Development Technologies, as well as being a Microsoft Partner.

Managing owner, Darlene Menzies (pictured), describes The Development House as a commercial ICT company with a business mind and a socially responsible heart.

Vision and mission

Our vision is to make a significant positive contribution to the lives of disenfranchised people through software development.

Our mission is to generate substantial on-going revenue through commerical software opportunties in order to facilitate the development of systems for a positive socio-economic impact in our city, our province, our continent and the rest of the world.

BEE Status

TDH is an Exempt Micro Enterprise classified as 100% BEE Compliant at a BEE Contribution Level 4.

Menzies Development Solutions BEE Certificate